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Stories to Inspire a Passion for Lost Souls

Enjoy twenty devotions that will challenge you to deepen your desire to see lost people come to Christ. As you read, spend time examining your heart to see what the Lord desires to do in you and through you.

“For the Son of Man came to seek and to save that which was lost” (Luke 19:10).

Story 1—Just One More

Story 2—If I Believed What You Say…

Story 3—A Call From Below

Story 4—Knock Again

Story 5—Do You Care?

Story 6—Thank You

Story 7—The Hitchhiker

Story 8—The Difference One Moment Can Make

Story 9—How Much Do You Care?

Story 10—A Call from Within

Story 11—All My Desire…

Story 12—One Verse, One Stanza and a Willing Heart

Story 13—Burdened for Salvation

Story 14—Life Testimonies

Story 15—That We May Kiss His Feet

Story 16—A Fool for Christ

Story 17—To Whom Are You Drawn

Story 18—Accountability

Story 19—Where They Love a Fellow

Story 20—Like Christ

Final Thoughts—Think about it…

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